ISRFG2021 Abstract format 

Topic of the symposium:  Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production
Deadline for abstract submission: 3 October 2021


Themes of the sessions:
  1. Rice genome research and evolution
  2. Integrative physiology and functional genomics
  3. Epigenomics
  4. Rice development and phenomics
  5. Plant-environment interactions: Biotic stress
  6. Plant-environment interactions: Abiotic stress
  7. Resources for systems biology in rice
  8. Advances in rice biotechnology and genome editing
  9. Molecular breeding under a changing climate
  10. Future prospects: Food security and nutrient enhancement

Abstracts must be submitted electronically only through the online platform in a word file and must be written in English.

Abstract Title (Font Arial, bold, size 12). No word limit but must be self-explanatory and concise

Author(s) and affiliations (Arial 10). Authors’ first name in full followed by surname. The presenting author’s name should be underlined. Superscript numbers must be used to indicate the author’s affiliation.

Corresponding author’s email address

Abstract (Arial 12). Maximum 300 words.

The abstract should include the research question, a summary of the methods, the basic results and the most important conclusions. For preparation of abstracts, be specific and avoid generalities.

All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee and may be accepted for oral or poster presentation. The Committee will endeavor to schedule abstracts according to the Conference topics and authors ‘preferences but reserves the right to make the final decision. The presenting author will be notified of acceptance.